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Private chef

Private chef

Hiring a private chef is definitely a very good idea and this is certainly the case when you do this with us. If you choose to hire a private chef through our website, you will absolutely have access to the tastiest dishes. If you hire a private chef you want to have a good dish. However, not everyone can make the tastiest dishes or there is simply no time for this. When you hire a private chef, you can enjoy delicious food and you simply don’t have to do anything yourself. If you choose Takosan, you will not only get the tastiest food, you can also enjoy a unique experience. Are you curious about the possibilities? Then read on! We would like to tell you more about this below.

A private chef provides a unique experience

Would you like to enjoy the most delicious dishes from home for an evening? Then we are happy to assist you. However, we don’t just deliver dishes, we deliver an unique experience. This does not only apply to the food, this also applies to the experience. The food we supply comes from a special kitchen. Our dishes are an Uzbek mix of Russian and Central Asian flavors. This can certainly be seen as something unique and we would like to tell you exactly where these dishes come from in the next paragraph.


When we talk about the above cuisine, we are talking about dishes from different countries. For example, the food comes from Uyghur cuisine, which is also called a mix of Eastern and Middle Eastern cuisine. You can also enjoy dishes from the Persian kitchen with us. These dishes are well seasoned and the ingredients can at least be called special. We also have Mongolian food for you, the dishes from the Mongolian kitchen mainly consist of meat and dough.

Private chef

Why us?

1. Quality family time. No need to worry about shopping, cooking, messing, and cleaning.
2. Authentic dishes from the uncommonly known region. All recipes came from the local on the past journeys, friends, and lovers.
3. Extra fun cultural experience. There will also a cooking lesson on requested.

A pleasant evening

If you hire a private chef from us, you are opting for a pleasant evening. Together with the people around you you can enjoy good food and a good atmosphere. You really have the time to talk to each other again and that is of course also important. We cook for you and this means you really pay attention to each other again. Hiring a home cook is something you can do from 50 euros per person. Do you want more information regarding hiring a private chef? Feel free to contact us any time!