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Courses menu

All made from scratch with love and craftmanship!

Set A. Central Asian set

Set B. Persian set


House Tea

Complimentary floral tea from the house


Soviet Union fresh berry juice

Starter(CHOOSE 2)


Dumpling dish from Kazakhstan. Stuffed with lamb, onion, potatoes and pumpkin. Served with smetana and dill sauce.


Popular fried dough with beef stuffed. Serve with red sour sauce.


Hearty beef and lamb’s rack soup with exotic spices.


Ukrainian bright red beet soup. Served with sour cream and dill. Very famous in all ex-soviet countries.

Fusion Chicken Kawap

Grill chicken with honey pistachio sauce.

Starter(CHOOSE 2)
Main dish(CHOOSE 1)

*All dishes are served with our Kawap (7 spices grilled lamb) and freshly made Lepeshka (Uzbek bread) or Naan.

Tashkent Plov

King of Uzbek table. A gently aromatic spiced rice dished, cooked in the slowed cook lamb stew with carrots, garbanzo beans, and dried fruit. Tashkent salad is served on the side.


Uyghur’s favorite noodle dish. Fried Hand pulled noodle dish with lamb and veggies with special house sauce.
*Can be made vegan


Mongolian steamed beef noodle. Favorite dish among Mongolian guys. History said the warriors used to make Tsuivan with their shields!

Uyghur Polo

aromatic lamb stewed rice dish with dried chilis, raisins and lamb/chicken.

Kurgak Cop Kormisi

Fried version of lagman from Kashgar. Spiced up with Xinjiang spice and soy sauce.

Main dish(CHOOSE 1)
Desserts(Choose 1)

Saffron Ice cream

Shole Zard(saffron rice pudding)

Fresh fruits.

Desserts(Choose 1)

House Tea

Complimentary herbal tea from the house.

Starter(CHOOSE 2)

Chicken Tachin

Crispy rice appetizer with chicken, yogurt, and spices.

Mushroom Tachin

Crispy rice snack with mushroom, soy yogurt and spices.

Persian lentil soup

Fresh lentil soup with lemon and warm lavash.

Starter(CHOOSE 2)
Main dish(CHOOSE 1)

Zereshk Polo

Salted butter saffron rice with sour berries with chicken thighs’ stew. Served with Shirazi salad(tomato, cucumber. citrus and herbs)

Persian grills

Joojeh kebab(saffron chicken kebab)
Koobideh (spiced ground beef and lamb kebab)
Special lamb shish kebab

Served with butter saffron rice and herbal kidney bean stew.

The Southern fisherman

Gently spiced cod fish served with herbal stew and tamarind sauce.

Persian New Year's fried fish

Salmon kebab Served with fresh herbal rice

Sabzi polo(herbal rice) with stews and vegan grills(Vegan)

Eggplant stew
Herbal kidney bean stew
Grilled tofu and veggies

*Doogh(sparkling yogurt drink with mint and rose petals) will be provided with all dishes *Vegan Doogh will be served with vegan main course.

*All dishes are served with our Kawap (7 spices grilled lamb) and freshly made Lepeshka (Uzbek bread) or Naan.

Main dish(CHOOSE 1)
Desserts(Choose 1)

Saffron Ice cream

Shole Zard (saffron rice pudding)(Vegan)

Fresh fruits.

Desserts(Choose 1)

Why us?

1. Quality family time. No need to worry about shopping, cooking, messing, and cleaning.
2. Authentic dishes from the uncommonly known region. All recipes came from the local on the past journeys, friends, and lovers.
3. Extra fun cultural experience. There will also a cooking lesson on requested.