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Woody, Founder and Chef

Woody, or Wud in the original language, grew up in a family that mom always makes different cuisines daily. From 4.30 or 5 AM. our family woke up to cook various dishes together before working and school time. On the weekends, new dishes or cuisines achievement was the family’s ritual. After 2/3 of life in Thailand, Woody moved to the US to study law and work there. During his free time, he worked at several restaurants in different positions, attended all food events, and tasted new dishes weekly. During his law school time, entrepreneurship courses have inspired and made him decided to leave his legal career and started a new path as an entrepreneur. After the US, he moved to the Netherlands to experience life in Europe and learning new things.

Chef aan huis

Traveling abroad on every school break in the last 15 years has given me knowledge, skills, experience, and understanding of the local cuisines and cultures. Hospitality, love, warmness, and spirit can be sensed through the food at those dinners. It can be amazing to deliver this precious experience to the people without stepping out half of the world, but right at their place! 

Why us?

1. Quality family time. No need to worry about shopping, cooking, messing, and cleaning.
2. Authentic dishes from the uncommonly known region. All recipes came from the local on the past journeys, friends, and lovers.
3. Extra fun cultural experience. There will also a cooking lesson on requested.