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Welcome to
The Warrior

—— WELCOME TO The Warrior

Nomadic chef for everyone

Have you ever heard of Genghis Khan, or have you ever watched Mulan? Can you imagine when those warriors give you their special dishes and show their culture to you? If not, and you want to explore the cuisine and culture, the Warrior can bring those cuisines from the far east steppe to be available in the Netherlands. As the silk road stretches from west of China to the west of Turkey, the diversity of dishes and ingredients can be astonishing. As time pasts, the lives of the people are getting busier and the family gathering for exotic dinner can be more difficult. Our ultimate goal is, therefore, to bring back a fun family gathering time at our nomadic tribe’s dinner.


Why us?

1. Quality family time. No need to worry about shopping, cooking, messing, and cleaning.
2. Authentic dishes from the uncommonly known region. All recipes came from the local on the past journeys, friends, and lovers.
3. Extra fun cultural experience. There will also a cooking lesson on requested.

All we need is your kitchen.

No need to do anything after work, no travel, no shopping, no need to wait for the food to be cold from takeaways. Just sit back like a guess of Genghis Khan and wait for the food to be served. The food can always be customized but we promise that the authentic flavor will always be preserved. All dishes will be made with love and passion like family dishes style. Besides the meal, there will also be some experience that you will never get from other chefs from us as a small treat.